ZLag Plugin 1.7.2

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  • World Edit And
  • World Guard Is Needed!

Why was it made?

  • Firstly the plugin was made for personal use, and since has helped local servers. so i thought that other people should try it too ?
  • I MineDogz, is new to java and i thought it would be fun to make a lag clearer for my server. so i started thinking for a nice way to show things and help others out, i came up with the thought of running /stoplag and /stoplag -c after that with the command blocks but it dident work. but i knew i can make it work with java ?


  • The /Zlag command uses /stoplag and /stoplag -c to remove the lag off the server. i would normaly use just /stoplag but then i would forget to use /stoplag -c witch makes every thing go back to normal.


  • Also to make things faster i used /reload but it never warned the other users of the server. /Zreload will say Reloading.. then Reload.

ZHelp And Z

  • if you just do /z the plugin will show you simple help. well its a simple plugin XD and /zhelp is the Same.

Perms And Commands

  • /Z ? Shows the help | Zlag.Z
  • /ZHelp ? Shows the help | Zlag.ZHelp
  • /ZReload ? Reloads With warning | Zlag.ZReload
  • /ZClear ? Removes lag from the server | Zlag.ZClear
  • /ZLag ? Shows server lag | Zlag.ZLag
  • /ZDay ? Changes it to day | Zlag.ZDay
  • /ZNight ? Changes it to night | Zlag.ZNight


  • its killing lag by removing random items on the ground around the world
  • and using the WG /stoplag, witch WG needs WE to run the /Stoplag

Version 2.5

  • No Bugs found.. at the moment.
  • Works on 1.6.4 and 1.6.2

Version 2.7

  • Added /zstop ? Stops the server.
  • Removed Unused Code.
  • Revamped /zhelp and /z

Version 3.5

  • Revamped the chat of zlag
  • Added lag meter ? now /zlag
  • Changed /ZLag to /ZClear
  • Added Aliases

Version 4.0

  • Added /ZDay
  • Added /ZNight
  • Perms Added ?
  • Little Changes..

Feed Back

  • Please Feed Me A Back Of FeedBack So that i know what to do to improve or add, or even make a new plugin.

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Credits: MineDogz