Yu-Gi-Oh! FM Plugin 1.7.2

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This plugin is in no way affiliated with Konami(R) or the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game


ATTENTION IF UPDATING TO B0.2.1 OR LATER: You must rename the “Yugioh” folder to “YugiohFM”!!! The plugin has been renamed for a clarification on the rule set used. Other Yu-Gi-Oh! plugins are to come with different rule sets.

This plugin adds the Duel Monsters game (aka Yu-Gi-Oh!) to Minecraft! It uses Konami(R)’s prototype version of the rules used in the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories.




  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories rules.
  • 722 stock cards with as many as 179 stock fusions allow for flexibility in a deck.
  • Deck editor.
  • Full-featured duel interface. (This isn’t mentioned anywhere, but right click cards in hand to start fusion chain)
  • Cards are physical items in the plugin.
  • Villagers play duels with players as computer players.
  • Players can obtain cards by dueling villagers to improve their decks!
  • Players can face off against each other to see who’s the best!
  • Card forging through anvils can put cards a player physically owns into the game!
  • Communication fusions lets you get the most powerful cards with the trust of a friend!


Players start off with no deck. A player must find a villager that does not play anymore to get the starter deck. After getting the starter deck, the player is free to duel villagers and other players. Players can duel villagers and other players by going into “Duelist Mode” (see “Commands“) and interact (right-click) who he/she wishes to duel. If it is a villager, the request is automatically accepted and the computer player will play against the requester. If it is a player, that player will get a request if he/she is accepting requests.


Un-zip the archive and put yugioh.jar and the yugioh folder inside the plugins folder of your Bukkit server. Make sure to include the yugioh folder as it contains card, fusion, and effect/script data.

Card Forging

Card forging is performed by putting the password on a PAPER item using an anvil. The password is the 8 digit number on the lower left corner of real Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. The card is converted into an unusable card. The card can be purchased for dueling by holding the card in hand and using the command ‘/ygo convert’. You will need to have enough starchips to activate the card. The cost of a card password can be checked with ‘/ygo check [password]’. Some cards cannot be redeemed in this manner.

Card Communication Fusion

A new feature in Beta 0.3.0. This lets you fuse 3 or 4 cards together to create a new one. You will need another player to help you out with this. When you are close to the other player, type ‘/ygo commu [other player’s name]’. A small inventory will come up asking for 3 or 4 cards. Select the cards you want to fuse from your inventory. Then click the far right paper to initiate the fusion. The fusion materials will be lost, and the resulting card will be sent to the other player. Manipulating the communication fusion is up to the player’s experimentation.

HINT: Fusing similarly powerful cards can potentially give you better and more powerful cards. Also try mixing magic and traps in and see what they do.

Card Obtaining

You can obtain cards by dueling villagers. Dueling and winning against villagers will earn you cards and starchips. The card normally rewarded for victory is determined by opponent cards you have defeated using your cards. You will also get a rank and some amount of starchips after defeating a villager. The rank effects the amount of starchips you earn, as well as the card reward.


Player (ygo.player)

/ygo help ? Brings up the help menu

/ygo deck ? Deck editor

/ygo duel ? Toggle “Duelist Mode”

/ygo accept ? Accept a duel request (if any)

/ygo decline ? Decline a duel request (if any)

/ygo ignore ? Ignore duel requests

/ygo starchips ? Check starchip count

/ygo convert ? Convert PAPER to a Duel Monsters card (see “Card Forging“)

/ygo check [password] ? Check card password cost/name.

/ygo commu [player name] ? Start a communication fusion with another player, considering the other player is close to you.

Admin (ygo.admin)

/ygoadmin help ? Admin help menu

/ygoadmin get [password] ? Get a card by its password

/ygoadmin give [player] [password] ? Give a player a card by its password

/ygoadmin givesc [player] [amount] ? Give a player (amount) of starchips

/ygoadmin deck ? Toggle Admin Deck Editor (can edit other player/villager decks, takes priority over duelist mode)

/ygoadmin generate [entity_type] ? Generate a duelist with given entity type (Minecart duelists!)

/ygoadmin clean ? Clean up any unused NPC decks from the save file (automatically happens when plugin is enabled as well)


ygo.player: true ? Permission to use ‘/ygo’ commands (everyone has this permission by default)

ygo.admin: false ? Permission to use ‘/ygoadmin’ commands (no one has this permission by default)

Tips / Tricks

For the player

  • Use the guardian stars! Each star has a superior and inferior star. When attacking a monster with an inferior star, your monster gains 500 ATK/DEF for the battle! The guardian stars are as follows (star > inferior star):
    • Sun > Moon > Venus > Mercury > Sun
    • Jupiter > Saturn > Uranus > Pluto > Neptune > Mars > Jupiter
  • Learn the fusions! Fusing for powerful cards is a great way to improve your strategy. It will also help you on your way to defeating tougher duelists, netting you some more powerful cards! You can also learn fusions by watching the villagers fuse. Look in the graveyard after they have fused a monster to see its fusion materials. Remember this: One fusion card can have countless ways to fuse it, so look out for the types and attributes of the fusion materials as well.
  • Keep playing against different villagers. Weaker villagers can help teach you the fusions by observing (and net you those fusion material cards). Villagers that play themed decks can help you build your own themed deck or get specific types of monsters. Defeating stronger villagers will get you more powerful cards.

For the server owner

  • There is not much stock information about the plugin, so make sure to inform your players.
  • If you would like your players to start with a deck without needing to find a villager that doesn’t play, you can keep spawning trapped villagers until you get one that “Doesn’t play” (check by right-clicking in Duelist Mode). This way a player can immediately right-click that villager to get their starting deck.
  • You can create a computer/AI dueling area by spawning many trapped villagers. This is good if you want a server revolving around this plugin.
  • Since Beta 0.3.0, “Hard Mode” is available for use and it can be configured in config.yml. The AI villagers will play their most powerful cards more often when Hard Mode is enabled.


The source can be found on GitHub, which is open to the public.

PLEASE ENJOY THIS PLUGIN! And yes, there is Exodia?

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Credits: Ramirez57