xTeam Plugin 1.7.2

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xTeam Plugin

Brief Description:

xTeam is a team-based PvP plugin that allows for creating and joining teams, setting a headquarters and various other features. It is meant for use on hardcore PvP servers where land is not protected.

This is a mod I’ve been working on for some time. Initially I figured a mod like this would be made eventually and I would just switch to using the alternative instead of mine but surprisingly I haven’t quite found an equivalent. Factions is nice but if you want more of a ‘hardcore’ team plugin, then this mod is for you.


  • create and join teams
  • get info for any team
  • modify team tag
  • set a headquarters
  • teleport to teammates and headquarters
  • teleport to return location that is saved upon using any of the other teleport functions
  • promote and demote players to use team admin commands
  • team chat function to toggle between team chat and regular chat
  • disable friendly fire
  • wolves can be team members too!
  • default teams for automatic joining on login

Command Aliases:

‘/team’, ‘/xteam’, ‘/xt’

Team Commands:

{optional} [required] pick/one

  • /team info {Team/Player} ? Get team info or other team’s info
  • /team list ? List all teams on the server
  • /team create [Name] ? Create a team
  • /team join [Team] ? Join a team
  • /team leave ? Leave your team
  • /team accept ? Accept the most recent team invite
  • /team hq ? Teleport to the team headquarters
  • /team tele {Player} ? Teleport to nearest or specific teammate
  • /team return ? Teleport to saved return location (1 use)
  • /team chat {On/Off} ? Toggle chatting with teammates
  • /team message [Message] ? Send message only to teammates
  • /team sethq ? Set headquarters of team (every 1 hours) === (Team Admin) ===
  • /team invite [Player] ? Invite player to your team === (Team Admin) ===
  • /team promote [Player] ? Promote player on your team === (Team Admin) ===
  • /team demote [Player] ? Demote player on your team === (Team Leader) ===
  • /team disband ? Disband the team === (Team Leader) ===
  • /team open ? Opens the team to public joining === (Team Leader) ===
  • /team remove [Player] ? Remove player from your team === (Team Leader) ===
  • /team rename [Name] ? Rename the team === (Team Leader) ===
  • /team tag [Tag] ? Set team tag === (Team Leader) ===
  • /team setleader [Player] ? Set new leader for the team === (Team Leader) ===

Admin Commands: {optional} [required] pick/one

  • /team set [Player] [Team] ? <admin> set team of player
  • /team hq [Team] ? <admin> teleport to team headquarters
  • /team sethq [Team] ? <admin> set team headquarters for team
  • /team setleader [Team] [Player] ? <admin> set leader of team
  • /team promote [Team] [Player] ? <admin> promote admin of team
  • /team demote [Team] [Player] ? <admin> demote admin of team
  • /team remove [Team] [Player] ? <admin> remove player of team
  • /team teleallhq ? <admin> teleports everyone to their HQ
  • /team tpall [Team] ? <admin> teleports team to yourself
  • /team chatspy ? <admin> spy on team chat
  • /team rename [Team] [Name] ? <admin> rename a team
  • /team tag [Team] [Tag] ? <admin> set team tag
  • /team disband [Team] ? <admin> disband a team
  • /team open [Team] ? <admin> open team to public joining
  • /team reload ? <admin> reload the config files

Console Commands: {optional} [required] pick/one

  • team info [Player/Team] ? get info on player/team
  • team list ? list all teams on the server
  • team set [Player] [Team] ? set team of player
  • team setleader [Team] [Player] ? set leader of team
  • team promote [Team] [Player] ? promote admin of team
  • team demote [Team] [Player] ? demote admin of team
  • team remove [Team] [Player] ? remove member of team
  • team rename [Team] [Name] ? rename a team
  • team tag [Team] [Tag] ? set team tag
  • team disband [Team] ? disband a team
  • team open [Team] ? open team to public joining
  • team teleallhq ? teleports everyone to their HQ
  • team reload ? reloads the configuration file

Permission Support:

  • Supports bukkit SuperPerms (this includes PermissionsEx, PermissionsBukkit, and bPermissions, etc.)

Permissions Nodes:

  • xteam.player.core.accept ? (Allows players to accept an invitation)
  • xteam.player.core.chat ? (Allows players to chat/msg their team)
  • xteam.player.core.create ? (Allows players to create a team)
  • xteam.player.core.hq ? (Allows players to teleport to headquarters)
  • xteam.player.core.join ? (Allows players to join a team)
  • xteam.player.core.leave ? (Allows players to leave a team)
  • xteam.player.core.list ? (Allows players to list all team names)
  • xteam.player.core.return ? (Allows players to return to teleport location)
  • xteam.player.core.tele ? (Allows players to teleport to teammates)
  • xteam.admin.core.invite ? (Allows players to invite other players)
  • xteam.admin.core.promote ? (Allows players to promote teammates)
  • xteam.admin.core.sethq ? (Allows players to set a headquarters)
  • xteam.leader.core.demote ? (Allows players to demote teammates)
  • xteam.leader.core.disband ? (Allows players to disband the team)
  • xteam.leader.core.open ? (Allows players to open team to public)
  • xteam.leader.core.remove ? (Allows players to remove players)
  • xteam.leader.core.rename ? (Allows players to rename team)
  • xteam.leader.core.tag ? (Allows players to set team tag)
  • xteam.leader.core.setleader ? (Allows players to set leader of team)
  • xteam.serveradmin.core.chatspy ? (Allows players to spy on team chat)
  • xteam.serveradmin.core.demote ? (Allows players to demote a player on a team)
  • xteam.serveradmin.core.disband ? (Allows players to disband a team)
  • xteam.serveradmin.core.hq ? (Allows players to teleport to any headquarters)
  • xteam.serveradmin.core.promote ? (Allows players to promote a player on a team)
  • xteam.serveradmin.core.reload ? (Allows players to reload the configuration file)
  • xteam.serveradmin.core.remove ? (Allows players to remove player from a team)
  • xteam.serveradmin.core.rename ? (Allows players to rename a team)
  • xteam.serveradmin.core.tag ? (Allows players to set team tags)
  • xteam.serveradmin.core.open ? (Allows players to open team to public)
  • xteam.serveradmin.core.set ? (Allows players to set the team of a player)
  • xteam.serveradmin.core.sethq ? (Allows players to set the headquarters of a team)
  • xteam.serveradmin.core.setleader ? (Allows players to set the leader of a team)
  • xteam.serveradmin.core.teleallhq ? (Allows players to teleport everyone to their headquarters)
  • xteam.serveradmin.core.tpall ? (Allows players to teleport a team to current location)
  • xteam.serveradmin.core.update ? (Allows players to update player names for Spout features)

Config file

Contains data that the plugin uses universally ? feel free to change the values to suit your needs.

NOTE: As this project is still in ßeta stage, I will be adding/changing features until I’m satisfied with the basic functionality of the plugin. For updating to a newer version of the plugin, check to see whether there are any configuration file changes. If so, you will want to reload the configuration file or add the new options yourself.


This plugin can potentially use certain spout features, specifically the hide name function ? however, spout is not required. I customized the plugin such that if you use the spout server plugin and your players are running the spoutcraft client, then players can only see names of other players on their team and names of players without teams. This only works if the client is running the spoutcraft client ? so if you want to actually use this feature fairly, then the client should be required. Having said that, if you use the spout server plugin and don’t like this feature, there is an option to turn off hiding names while spout is enabled.


I work on this project in my spare time and I will always have a love for Minecraft no matter what, but it certainly does make me smile when people feel like contributing. Donating to the project helps encourage me to continue providing support and feedback to all of you awesome peoples! If you feel like helping out, there’s a link at the top right of the page. ?

Bug Reports

Please leave any questions, comments, concerns, and potential bugs in the comments. I will try to squash them when I can. Having said that. I am a real human being and am currently in college. So if the bug is not fixed right away, please be patient.

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Credits: protocos