WheelOfFortune Plugin 1.6.4

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# This is my FIRST plugin #

Please feel free to post what you would like to see in this plugin in the future in the comment section bellow

If you are running this on a server i would very much like to come and see how you have implemented it, please pm me your ip if you wouldn’t mind http://img.niceminecraft.net/BukkitPlugin/simple-smile.png



the plugin allows users one chance a day a to spin a Wheel of Fortune that will give them random items, there is a 6/1000 chance that they will get a Rare reward, and an approximate chance of 1/100 that they will receive nothing. The rewards contain every block in game. except non-craftible blocks, these i have replaced with sand. (in-case you were wondering why you always get sand)

The rare rewards are as follows:

64 Diamond block, 64 Gold Block, 64 Iron Block, 64 Emeralds, 32 Beacon, 64 cake’s.

[ I am open to constructive comments about he amount of items / items in the Rare list]


/spin Spin the wheel.

/wofreload Reloads the plugin config.

/wof test if the plugin is there.

/reward [player] give the player another spin! if they have already spun today.


  • wheeloffortune.*:
    • description: Players with this node have all wheeloffortune permissions.
    • default: op
  • wheeloffortune.reload:
    • description: Players with this node can reload
    • default: op
  • wheeloffortune.canspin:
    • description: Players with this node can spin
    • default: true
  • wheeloffortune.timeroverride:
    • description: Players with this node can spin anytime
    • default: op
  • wheeloffortune.proceoverride:
    • description: Players with this node can spin without incurring a charge.
    • default: op

Signs: [ WheelOfFortune 1.3.5+]

Type “[Spin]” on the first line of the sign.


The “[Spin]” will then turn purple.

http://img.niceminecraft.net/BukkitPlugin/WheelOfFortune2.pngYou have created a spin sign!


  • a the plugin currently stores player data on an ArrayList so the data is lost on server restart / reload. [Working on a fix/ Need help with file writing].
  • Those of you updating to V 1.2 please delete your previous config file prior to installing the new version. Thanks.


  • add an Op timer override.
    • extend this to a permission.
  • add Config File
    • make Rare items define in config
    • make chance of Rare define in config
  • replace item Id’s on player message to item names.
  • fix occasional error during spin.
  • add “You won nothing.” message.
  • add a broadcast when a player wins a rare.
  • log player name, dateTime and prize.
  • add optional cost for use.[Suggested by:midnightfang22]
    • hook into vault.


# Default Config File for WheelOfFortune Plugin

message: Wheel Of Fortune plugin Developed by idiotonastic.
# Is economy enabled.
Economy: false
# How much should it charge if Economy is enabled.
Price: 100
MostCommonItem: 12 # what item is used to replace the non-Craftible blocks.
Chance: 1000 # what is the chance of a rare 6 / x where x is the defined value.
User_Defined_Items: false # use the values below?
Item_1: 1
Item_1_Ammount: 1
Item_2: 2
Item_2_Ammount: 2
Item_3: 3
Item_3_Ammount: 3
Item_4: 4
Item_4_Ammount: 4
Item_5: 5
Item_5_Ammount: 5
Item_6: 17
Item_6_Ammount: 6
Item_7: 16
Item_7_Ammount: 7
Item_8: 123
Item_8_Ammount: 8
Item_9: 372
Item_9_Ammount: 9
Item_10: 18
Item_10_Ammount: 10
Item_11: 46
Item_11_Ammount: 11
Item_12: 291
Item_12_Ammount: 1
Item_13: 272
Item_13_Ammount: 1
Item_14: 273
Item_14_Ammount: 1
Item_15: 274
Item_15_Ammount: 1
Item_16: 47
Item_16_Ammount: 16
Item_17: 54
Item_17_Ammount: 17
Item_18: 299
Item_18_Ammount: 1
Item_19: 300
Item_19_Ammount: 1
Item_20: 301
Item_20_Ammount: 1
Item_1: 302
Item_1_Ammount: 1
Item_2: 303
Item_2_Ammount: 1
Item_3: 304
Item_3_Ammount: 1
Item_4: 305
Item_4_Ammount: 1
Item_5: 264
Item_5_Ammount: 16
Item_6: 322
Item_6_Ammount: 16
Item_1: 57
Item_1_Ammount: 32
Item_2: 41
Item_2_Ammount: 32
Item_3: 42
Item_3_Ammount: 32
Item_4: 399
Item_4_Ammount: 16

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Credits: idiotonastic