VipAbility Plugin 1.7.2/1.6.4

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This plugin allows players with permissions or your server vips use a lot of different effects , starting from Strenght for X minutes of time , and ending with regeneration and other cool bukkit effect types ? It’s functional , and there is a cool timer built in , which shows info for user , how much time left to use another one Ability! It can be used for your VIP system , This is not only Fun plugin but this is the plugin which will increase the benefits of your server vip ! As I have just started to learn Java, then I think that there might be a bugs to , just report them to me , and i will fix them! Oh yes , this is my second plugin! And my English is Bad!


  • Java 1.7 and higher
  • Vault


1.1 Compatible with bukkit 1.6.4 R1.0 and R2.0

1.2 ? Compatible with bukkit 1.6.4 R2.0


You can give a player , or your server VIP a permissions to use a vip powers. For now there is a 6 abilities that can be used by vip or the player who have the right permissions! List of powers: “PvP (Strenght , Regeneration , Fire and Demage resistance) , Jump , NightVision and Fast Diging, Water Breathing, Regeneration, Strenght and Fire resistance.” All powers can be configured in config file . You can disable them , set a longer durability time , and set Multiplier. For each power you can set a custom message , all in config.yml !


All commands ? vipability.all

  • /vj ? High jump ? vipability.vj
  • /vstr ? Strenght and Fire resistance ? vipability.vstr
  • /vmine ? NightVision and Fast Diging ? vipability.vmine
  • /vreg ? Regeneration ? vipability.vreg
  • /vpvp ? PvP (Strenght , Regeneration , Fire and Demage resistance, t.t) ? vipability.vpvp
  • /vaqua ? Water Breathing ? vipability.vaqua
  • /vreload ? Reloads plugin and Config file ? vipability.vadminreload
  • /vhelp ? no permissions neded!

Commands for buy ! No permissions neded!

  • /vstrb ? Buy /vstr command
  • /vjb ? Buy /vj command
  • /vpvpb ? Buy /vpvp command
  • /vregb ? Buy /vreg command

Prices editable in config file ! (You can disable this option if you want ? in config)

Future ideas:

* Add 2 modes , comfort and max perfomance for TASK’s.

* Add in config for custom defined abilities ( in config can set power , effect type , cost or other things what is in original )

*Add more extra abbilities


  • Not known yet

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Credits: dup9let