Vanish53 Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 843 views |
The Vanish53 plugin gives administrators the ability to vanish and stay hidden from their players safely.

v1.1.2 Features:

  • Use the /v alias
  • New setting added to disable join/leave message completely
  • Completely vanish with no effects to give you away
  • Log in silently and vanished with the vanish53.join permission
  • You can use silent and loud vanish commands
  • Loud vanishing shows configurable fake join/quit messages or standard server join/quit messages
  • Silent quits while vanished
  • Vanished players with the vanish53.see permission can see other vanished players and will be informed of their HIDDEN or VISIBLE status
  • Players with the vanish53.other permission can vanish/un-vanish other players
  • Reload configuration after changes with /vanish reload
  • Configurable options such as:
    • Silent open/close chests
    • Disable public chat
    • Mobs ignore vanished players
    • Vanished players will not pick up items
    • Vanished players cannot drop items
    • Vanished players cannot break blocks
    • Vanished players will not trigger pressure plates
    • Vanish and un-vanish effects
    • Custom fake quit/join messages


  1. Stop your server and remove the vanish53.jar and vanish53 folder (if it exists)
  2. Add the new vanish53.jar to your plugins folder and start your server
  3. Profit?


Permission Description Children
vanish53.owner Full access to all Vanish53 permissions .vanish, .see, .other, .join
vanish53.admin Administrative access to Vanish53 permissions .vanish, .see, .join
vanish53.vanish Allows user to toggle their vanish state
vanish53.other Allows user to toggle vanish state of other players
vanish53.join Allows user to silently join the server
vanish53.see Allows user to see other vanished players


Syntax Usage
/vanish Displays your current vanish state and the method used to get there (if any)
/vanish on Hides the user and displays custom or default quit message and plays all effects
/vanish off Shows the user and displays custom or default join message and plays all effects
/vanish ons Silently hides the user with no quit message or effects
/vanish offs Silently shows the user with no join message or effects
/vanish {on/ons/off/offs} {player} Toggles the specified vanish state of the specified player
/vanish reload Reloads the config file from disk

Upcoming Features:

  • Comprehensive player interaction filter to further avoid accidental discovery
  • Vehicle collision with vanished players will be ignored
  • Custom configurations for each player with vanish53 permissions
  • In-game toggling of vanish53 options (silent chests, drop items, etc)
  • Right click a player while you are vanished to see their inventory
  • Inspect a player’s enderchest even when they’re offline
  • Essentials hooks to hide players from commands like /list, /msg, /tell, /tpa, etc.
  • Search through all player’s inventories for specific items ( /vanish search {player/all} diamond_block {amt} )

Possible Features Depending on Feedback:

  • These features WILL be able to be completely disabled in the config file.
  • Check for plugin updates
  • Metrics usage

News & Updates:

  • I’m currently waiting for the Bukkit 1.7 before I plan on completing any more changes to this plugin. [12/4/2013 | 10:29AM]
  • Version 1.2.0 should be released within the next week or two with all of the above current and upcoming features implemented. PLEASE leave feedback on this plugin and leave suggestions or report any bugs that you may have found. I highly value player feedback and greatly appreciate any and all comments. [10/26/2013 | 7:31PM]

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Credits: Owlie453