UpdateStatus Plugin 1.7.2

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This is a very simple and leight-weight plugin. This plugin will able you to show informations, updates and status about several themes. If you execute the command /status <argument>, a text set up in the config will be shown to the user.


/status <argument> shows a fully configurable text, loaded from the configuration file (e.g /status Server ? shows the text written at configuration file in section “Status.Server”
/bstatus <argument> do the same as /status as a broadcast
/usreload reloads the config.yml of the plugin
/usdel delete a status from config.yml


UpdateStatus.status.* ? use every /status
UpdateStatus.status.Cities ? use /status Cities
UpdateStatus.bstatus.* ? use every /bstatus
UpdateStatus.bstatus.Cities ? use /bstatus Cities
UpdateStatus.reload ? use the /usreload command
UpdateStatus.manage.del ? use the /usdel command


  #add your new status here, eg:
  NewStatus: 'Hello world!'
  NewCity: 'Planning (10%)'
  Shop: 'Introducing the new Shopsystem (75%)'
  Server: 'Reset of our Farmworld on 07/07'
  ListExample: 'This is a list:&n-First Point&n-SecondPoint&nHave fun'
  autoreloadOnAdd: true
  autoreloadOnEdit: true
  autoreloadOnDel: false
  prefix: '[Status]'
  broadcastPrefix: '[Status]'
  enablePrefix: false
  enableBroadcastPrefix: false
  onlyOnePrefixAtMultiline: true

Upcoming features:

  • ColorSupport
  • /usadd <args> (add status ingame) & /usedit (edit status ingame) & /usdel (delete status ingame)
  • automatic broadcasting of some statuses (setable with a rotation time in config.yml)
  • Ideas?

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Credits: fmaster100