Undead Horses Plugin 1.6.4

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  • Works with 1.7.2 ? R0.1!

Undead Horses is a lightweight and simple plugin that allows users to turn any horse, donkey or mule into a skeleton or zombie horse. It is perfect for just having fun, or to use as a donator perk!


  • None at the moment! Will be added in later releases if requested!


  • undeadhorses.*: Grants all permissions for UndeadHorses. Defaults to operator (op).
  • undeadhorses.zombie: Allows you to turn horses into zombie horses
  • undeadhorses.skeleton: Allows you to turn horses into skeleton horses
  • undeadhorses.zombieride: Allows you to ride zombie horses
  • undeadhorses.skeletonride: Allows you to ride skeleton horses
  • undeadhorses.zombiecure: Allows you to cure zombie horses
  • undeadhorses.skeletoncure: Allows you to cure skeleton horses

How to Use:

To create an undead horse, first you must select your victim and decide what type of horse you would like them to be (Skeleton or zombie). To turn him into a zombie horse, right click him with rotten flesh (Must have undeadhorses.zombie permission). To turn him into a skeleton horse, right click him with a bone (Must have undeadhorses.skeleton permission). Voila! You now have an undead horse to call your own!

To cure you horse of their affliction, you must right click them with a gold ingot or gold nugget (requires undeadhorses.skeletoncure or undeadhorses.zombiecure depending on the type of horse).


  • V 2.0 -second release
  • Added the ability to enable/disable curing and converting if the player doing so isn’t the owner. Done via a config file.
  • Horses are no longer tamed when they are converted.
  • Please report ANY bugs to me along with the error in the console and how to reproduce it. It is likely that there may be a few hiccups with the owner checking as it is impossible to test solo.


  • Leave ideas and recommendations below!

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Credits: extremespancake