TrollingJail Plugin 1.7.2

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What it does
!!! Thank you for 5.000+ Downloads !!!

Are you also annoyed of people who are constantly doing crap?

Yes? Ok, me too, so I wrote this little plugin to annoy them back ;D

Basicly it puts them in a small cage of cobwebs and don’t let them interact with any blocks

Oh, and the cobwebs are moving with them

BUT: Don’t worry the cobwebs are client-side and not really there, they’re just for the jailed person visible and only slow him down
I’ll explain it with an example, where I’m jailed:


? /tjail [Player] Punishes these annoying griefers/hackers/etc.

? /tunjail [Player] Releases them from their punishment


Permission Description
TrollingJail.jail Gives access to /tjail and /tunjail


To do list

? Temporaly jailing

? Having ideas?

TrollingJail Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link

Credits: mrCookieSlime