Troll ‘Em Plugin 1.6.4

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Troll ‘Em is a plugin that allows the server to troll it’s players. If the scheduler is set, the server will
choose a random player on a regular basis and apply a random troll to them (eg, tnt, entomb, name change, etc.)
Troll ‘Em also allows players with sufficient permissions to use commands to manually troll players,
or set the scheduler to pick on certain players without editing the config or restarting the plugin.


  • Scheduler: Randomly chooses a player to troll
    • Set the frequency
    • Prevent certain player from getting trolled
  • Trolls: Many different ways to troll
    • Allow or disallow certain trolls
    • Set the parameters (eg. explosion yield, sound volume, etc.)
    • Examples of trolls include:
      • Torch: Deletes all torches within a certain range of the target player.
      • Compass: Sets the player’s compass target to a random location.
      • Namechange: Change the player’s online name
      • Entomb: Encases the player in a tomb of material (default: dirt)
      • Creepscare: Plays the creeper fuse sound right behind the player
      • Replace: Drops the player’s entire inventory and replaces it with stacks of material (default: dirt)
      • And many more!

Commands and Permissions

Command Function Permission
/troll <player> [troll] {override} Applies the given troll to the given player.
Overrides disallowed trolls if the player has permission.
/reloadtrollconfig Manually reloads the config file. trollem.reload


Configuration is located in /plugins/TrollEm/config.yml


If you need support, or have a bug report, please go through the BukkitDev ticket system.
You can get there through the ‘tickets’ button at the top of this page.

If you have feature suggestions or code contributions, please send me a PM.


  • Add more trolling options
  • Add weather and time based events
  • Think up new features!

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Credits: _FrostByte_