Transformers Addon (Industrial Craft 2)

Transformers Addon (Industrial Craft 2) for Minecraft 1.5.1, 1.4.7

Updated: Jun 3, 2015 | 1,423 views |

This mod adds 4 electric engines and 4 pneumatic generators. Electric engines are buildcraft engines which run off IndustrialCraft power. Pneumatic generators are generators which run off the buildcraft powergrid.

Ratio & Numbers:

  • A steam engine produces 1600 MJ from one coal.
  • A generator produces 4000 EU from one coal.
  • Default conversion rate is based off this, so that’s MJ : EU as 2 : 5, however you can edit that in the config.
  • This does mess up geothermals vs lava in combustion engines, as 1 bucket in a geothermal creates 20000 EU, and 1 bucket in a combustion creates 20000 MJ.
  • Therefore this mod does nerf lava in combustion engines.



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Pneumatic Generators:

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  • Fixed the dirt issue
  • Fixed Adjustable Engines not working at low rates.
  • Fixed Adjustable Engine recipe not working
  • Other engine recipes now also work with charged batteries
  • Changed the config abit, to cope with the new options while still featuring the old options
    And the new things:
  • Added the Pneumatic Convertor! This will replace the Pneumatic Generator in future versions, but still needs testing and tweaking.
  • Use is quite straightforward I think. It converts MJ to EU (BC to IC2 power) ? but only directly. As in, no pipes, you attach your engine directly to the Convertor.
  • Currently only vanilla BC engines are accepted, but I plan to add support for a lot more mod engines. Using this direct conversion the conversion is always the way it should be, there is no standard 2:5 ratio or anything, the ratio is different for every engine. Try it out, play with it, report bugs. Recipe is Advanced Machine in the middle, corners empty, rest filled with golden conductive pipes.

For 1.5.1

For 1.4.7

Credits: Snyke