Towny Advanced Plugin 1.6.2

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Towny Advanced is a versatile, player-controlled land management plugin for use with Bukkit/Tekkit/Spigot/Libigot. Towny offers solutions for pvp, griefing, chat, inflated economies and monsters to minecraft server admins. Towny allows players to work together and against each other as they see fit.


Towny includes a wide variety of features to offer instant enhancements to your traditional Minecraft server.

  • Allows players to own and manage land based on a pre-set grid layout.
    • Players join towns and purchase plots of land.
    • Players decide who can build, destroy, use “switchs” and use items on every plot they control.
    • Towns can join together into nations, further structuring a server into teams.
    • Towns grant protection from monsters, pvp, fire, explosions and greifing.
  • Wilderness Rules (Optional)
    • Area between towns is wilderness, with its own build permissions.
    • Limit players’ interaction with the wild to just harvest-able blocks, keeping the wild pristine.
    • Roll-back tnt, creeper, wither explosions, dragon damage and endermen block-moving.
    • Block explosions and fire.
  • PVP Enhancements
    • Server with a strong PVP aspect will find Towny’s grouping of players to be invaluable.
    • Prevent friendly-fire. (Optional)
    • Nations split players into larger teams.
    • Nations can declare other nations to be allies or enemies, further splitting players into even larger teams.
    • PVP can be turned on/off in wilderness, towns and worlds. (Optional)
  • Teleporting/Warping and Spawning (Optional)
    • Players can spawn to their town upon death.
    • Players can spawn to their town or a town that is within their nation/allied with their nation.
  • Customized modified chat. (Optional)
    • Colours, group prefixes and suffixes, nation, town, towny titles.
    • Channels for general, local, town, nation, moderator, admin and custom channels.
    • Anti-spam feature.
  • Shop plugin support. (Optional)
    • Limit shops to special Shop Plots, enhancing realism.
  • Economy plugin interaction. (Optional)
    • Supports all economy plugins.
    • Charge money for plots, towns, nations.
    • Flexible tax system.
    • Upkeep to remove money from the economy, stopping rampant inflation.
  • All Permissions Plugins supported. (Optional)
    • Perms 2/3, GroupManager, BukkitPermissions, bPermissions, PermissionsEx, etc.
  • Multiworld Support
    • Flexible settings for every world.
    • Enable/disable Towny in as many worlds as you like.

Towny Wiki:

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Credits: ElgarL