Top 5 Minecraft Adventure Maps 2016

Updated: Sep 19, 2016 | 1,787 views |


Minecraft is great for all intents and purposes, but one way to amp up your experience with the game is to play on an adventure map, loaded with secrets, dungeons, and all sorts of other goodies. We’ve compiled nine of the best adventure maps to provide you with a brand new experience in Minecraft.

#1: Assassin’s Creed Revelations Constantinople Map


Assassin’s Creed Revelations Constantinople is an adventure/pakour map with many things to do. Your main objective is to find the 3 Masyaf keys, which are located in treasure rooms at the end of difficult parkour courses


#2: Herobrine’s Mansion Adventure Map


Herobrine’s Mansion is a co-op map, but can be played in single player.


#3: Toy Story 2 Adventure Map


Toy Story 2 is an adventure map for Minecraft by PitchBlackPL


#4: Complex Map

The dictionary defines the term “complex” as “consisting of interconnected or interwoven parts” and “composed of two or more units”. Complex, the Minecraft map, is intended to be a single player adventure that sets the player in the midst of a large 3 dimensional maze, rooms are connected together from each of the four walls, as well as above and below. The player starts with intentionally very little direction. The game adjusts the settings as the player advances. The player must navigate throughout the Complex, room by room in search of the Answer.


#5: The Elder Scrolls V: MineRim: Fall of Skyrim Map


The Story is Based on the Original Game on the Market: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It’s contains real story, and self-created story-elements.

In this Map you play as the Young, Brave Dragonborn. His Duty is to Destroy the Evil and the Darkness.