TNT-Protector Plugin 1.6.4

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TNT-Protector is a new plugin that secure your server for TNT. When a normal player joins looks the plugin in the config file. In the the config file state TNT-Place and TNT-Explode. At default are they staying on true. That means that the players not can place or explode TNT. But when it go’s on false they can place or explode.

How can i install it?

Installing TNT-Protector is very easy. You download the file and put it in your plugins folder. Start the server up and your ready. Your server is now TNT-Protected.

Extra information

The TNT-Protector will when the newest versions are out updated. So you’re never without TNT-Protection. The Plugin has no permissions. Do you have any questions or suggestions? PM me i will answer your questions and suggestions.


The permission for placing a TNT: “TNT.Place”

TNT-Protector 1.6.4 Download Links

Credits: Verscane