TnT Level Limit Plugin 1.7.2

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What is TnT Level Limit?

TnT Level Limit is an anti-griefing plugin primarily aimed at server owners/moderators which allows you to set at which level TnT can be placed. We’re currently working hard on the next build where you can expect to find upcoming features listed below on this page!


Just drop the file in your plugins folder, and restart your server. The configuration will be generated automatically. You can then either edit the configuration file, or use the in-game commands to alter the plugin settings.


Command Args Description
/tntlevellimit None Shows the list of all TnTLevelLimit commands
/tntlevel limit <value> <value> the new TnT Limit Level Sets the new height level for TnT
/tntlevel reload None Reloads the TnTLevelLimit Configuration


Permission Node Permission Description
tntlevel.setlimit Allow players to set the TnT level limit.
tntlevel.reload Allow players to reload the configuration.
tntlevel.bypass Allow players to place TnT above the limit.
tntlevel.log The coordinates of a player with this permission are printed to the console showing their location.


 How the plugin works

This plugin will protect TnT from being placed above a certain level. E.g. y=30. This means that all players can place TnT below level 30, but not above it.

You can specify a permission for players to override this limit. “tntlevel.bypass”

You can either change the limit in the config.yml file, and then restart your server (or run /tntlimit reload). OR you can change the value dynamically in-game with /tntlimit level <value>

Upcoming Features

  • Set the limit via permission nodes e.g. tntlimit.limit.<limit>
  • Block TnT damage above the level, even when TnT is below the limit.
  • Aliases for the /tntlevellimit command.

If you have any comments or improvements to the plugin that we could make, then please feel free to

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Credits: Kerotein, TruDan97