Ticket System GM Plugin 1.7.2

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Ticket System GM

It’s a small ticket plugin which can be used on a website too (check the website pack below). Your players will love it !

This plugin uses MCStats and the Skyupdater.

How to use it ?

The player enter /ticket <ticket here>, he press Enter and after that, all players with the permission ticket.receive onlines will have a notification. Those players can view the list of tickets with /viewticket all.

See Commands and Permissions below for more informations.


/ticket (or /ticket reload) or /tk ? Send a ticket.

/viewticket <id> (or /viewticket all) or /vtk ? View a ticket.

/removeticket <id> (or /removeticket all) or /rtk ? Remove a ticket.


Please stop your server for editing the config.


Data ? The saved data.

ReloadDelay ? The delay between to plugin reloads. Enter 0 (or less) to disable it.

EnableUpdater ? Choose if you want to enable the updater.


Use = [ true | false ] ? Choose if you want to use MySQL.

Username = “Skyost” ? User for your MySQL Database.

Password = “MyAwesomePassword” ? Password of your MySQL Database.

Host = “localhost” ? Your MySQL host.

Database = “database” ? Your MySQL database.

Port = 3306 ? Usually, you don’t have to have to anything with this option.


Here you can change the in-game messages.


ticket.* : ? default : false ? Give access to all permissions.

ticket.send : ? default : true ? Permission to send a ticket.

ticket.receive : ? default : op ? Permission to view tickets.

ticket.remove : ? default : op ? Permission to clear tickets.

Website Pack

Current version : v0.3.



Development cost time and time is the money of the life. Please feel free to donate.

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Credits: Skyost