TheCmdSuite Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 429 views |

TheCmdSuite is a simple, lightweight alternative to the well-known Essentials plugin! It also has some features that Essentials has yet to add!


  • Hub Command ? Set a hub for your players!
  • Spawn Command ? Set a spawn for your players!
  • Ban Command ? Ban a bad player!? Or your bestfriend? i wont judge
  • Unban Command ? Unban your friend?
  • Kick Command ? Kick a player off the server


  • sethub ? Set’s the hub spawn point.
  • hub ? Teleport’s you to the hub spawn point.
  • setspawn ? Set’s the server spawn point.
  • spawn ? Teleport’s you to the server spawn point.
  • ban <player> <reason> ? Ban’s a player.
  • unban <player> ? Unban’s a player.
  • kick <player> <reason> ? Kick’s a player.


  • tcs.admin.sethub ? Default: OP
  • tcs.hub ? Default: Everyone
  • tcs.admin.setspawn ? Default: OP
  • tcs.spawn ? Default: Everyone
  • tcs.admin.ban ? Default: OP
  • tcs.admin.unban ? Default: OP
  • tcs.admin.kick ? Default: OP


  • Chat Logger
  • Teleport Command (Requested)
  • Gamemode Command Completed. Will be in next release.
  • Color Signs (Maybe, if i’m the only one who want’s it i will remove it from the list)
  • Player List Command
  • Help Command (Display Plugin Commands)
  • TempBan Command
  • KickAll Command
  • Rules Command
  • Announcer
  • Clean up the config (Right now there is no real reason to look in there anyway)
  • & More!

Let me know if you have any suggestions or find a bug!

Note: I plan to release 2 versions of this plugin. A “Light” version, and a “Normal” Version. The Normal version will include the features such as the Chat Logger, and Announcer, and anything that is more strain on the server. The Light version will be as simple & lightweight as possible, And will NOT include the Logger or Announcer. So once such features are added, you will have a choice

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Credits: evildude221