The Curse Of Castle Crendor Map 1.12/1.10.2

The Curse Of Castle Crendor Map for Minecraft 1.10.2

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You are an adventurer that has heard of the legends of the once great King Crendor. He ruled towns, nay, an empire, and he ruled with the power of his massive army.

That’s just what you’ve been told? Until now, you were never certain that the stories were true, but now that you found the ancient king’s abandoned castle, how can you resist investigating? Many have entered, but none have ever completed the ghost king’s many deadly trials?

Welcome to my new boss battle adventure map! Inspired by the Dark Souls game series, your adventurer traverses 6 areas with a unique boss at the end of each one. Collect drops and find emeralds to upgrade your player and make him/her a more efficient killing machine! Complete the trials of the king to get emerald rewards that will help you prepare for the final fight?

This game is designed to be very difficult and assumes that you know how to handle yourself in a fight. Each boss has their own quirks that you need to overcome if you want to complete the game. Good luck!



  • Singleplayer only
  • 7 Different Character Classes
  • Market to spend emeralds on upgrades and consumables
  • 9+ Weapon and Armor Upgrades
  • 6 Areas with unique customized enemies
  • 6 Unique Bosses




  • Use your starting emeralds to purchase a basic sword and a shield.
  • Instantly heal by resting at a bonfire. However, all defeated enemies will respawn.
  • Kite bosses to one side of an arena and run to the other side to heal.
  • Be wary of particle effects as they may indicate imminent death?
  • Scour each area for hidden emeralds. Some are easy to miss!
  • Swords swing faster but deal less damage. Axes swing slower but deal more damage.
  • Golden apples let you take large bursts of damage in a short amount of time. The ultipotion lets you take smaller bursts of damage over a longer period of time.

Class Guide:

  • Mercenary – The mercenary has nothing special about him. He is just a normal player.
  • Knight – The knight has 8 extra points of health that he can use to survive longer in combat. However, he moves slightly slower.
  • Warrior – The warrior deals 3 extra points of damage at all times. However, he swings slightly slower and moves as slow as the knight. This makes the warrior more focused on doing the most damage in each swing as possible.
  • Thief – The thief moves 20% faster than the normal player, but his light stature cases him to swing much more slowly, as he cannot lift heavier weapons as easily. The thief should adopt a “hit-and-run” strategy, attacking and then running away briefly to recover.
  • Ranger – The ranger starts off with a power 3 longbow that deals double damage compared to a normal bow. However, the ranger deals 4 less damage per sword strike, making melee only viable as a last resort.
  • Sorcerer – The sorcerer starts off with a bow with flame 2 that deals 5 extra damage over time. In addition, the sorcerer is given a “curse” potion that inflicts a powerful wither effect on its targets. The curse potion should not be spammed, or it may disappear until the player dies. The potion can be upgraded to last longer by reaching xp level 5 and 10. While the the sorcerer is effective at all ranges, much of his damage is inflicted over time, and the sorcerer deals 4 less damage per sword strike, making melee only viable as a last resort.
  • Cleric – Like the ranger and sorcerer, the cleric deals 4 less damage per sword strike. However, he has no long range options (to start with) to compensate. Instead, the cleric is more efficient in other aspects of battle. The cleric constantly regenerates health and swings 10% faster than a normal player. This lessens the amount of time that you need to spend healing and waiting for your sword to recharge.

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Author: Inventor N Gamer