Teleport+ Plugin 1.7.4

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 851 views | Teleport in style! This plugin will generate a vertical scrolling portal around you when you use the command, along with smoke effects! It will then launch you in the air breifly before teleporting you to your target.

It should make the teleporting experience more interesting on your server!


  • Scrolling portal around player when they use the teleport command.
  • Smoke effect under them
  • Rockets the player and teleports them mid-air
  • + Makes the player appear to “wink out” of existence through the use of the ender_realm effects




ftp Teleports you to another player.
ftphere Teleports a player to you. teleportplus.tphere
tpo Teleports a player to another player. teleportplus.tpother


  • If a player does not have a 1-block space around him when teleporting, the portal frames will replace any blocks occupying that space.
  • If a player moves while teleporting, the frames may glitch out and not remove themselves.
  • Moving while teleporting teleports you to the nether (in creative mode)
  • Commands may be glitched o;

I am working on fixing this issue, along with adding permissions, configuration, and optimizing the code.

Please report any bugs you find!

It makes my life easier =) I’m not able to find all the bugs alone.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Teleport+ Plugin 1.7.4 Download Links

Credits: MrTang, ImminentFate