Tekkit Permittor Plugin 1.6.4

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Use this plugin to prevent abusing of bugs on your bukkit or Tekkit Little (mcpc) server. I am also a server owner and see abusing and bugs every day. This plugin contains fixes and options to make your server better. A the moment the plugin doesn’t have commands or permissions. Everything comes from the configuration file. The configuration file has a pretty good default configuration, but you can change it if you want to.


Place “TekkitPermittor.jar” in your plugin folder. And restart your server. To generate the configuration file do /tep choicedefault B|TL|TM. choice B for bukkit, TL for tekkit litle and TM for tekkit main. Last version is 1.5

Current feature(s):


  • Make sure a block only can be used by 1 player at the time (Project-table bug fix)


  • Blocks block places from mods. So you can use jobs plugin without worrying about exploiting this.
  • Blocks EXP gaining from furnaces (fixing infinite EXP bug)


  • Find chunkloaders easly
  • Remove chunkloaders easly without harming the players gameplay (he will find the chunkloader back in a chest)


  • Worldguard wrench and tools blocking
  • Worldguard Globally tool blocking (also for ops)
  • Worldguard block protection (using “chest-acces” flag)
  • worldguard block protection (using “use” flag (bugged atm))

Coming features

  • Blocking the placement of certain blocks.
  • Duping fixes
  • Permission
  • Commands
  • Support for factions and towny
  • support for tekkit main and FTB. (need somebody that can tell me possible problems their)

Commands and permissions

Their is only 1 permission that is necessary for using the /tep command.

  • tekkitpermittor.command

Commands are:

  • /tep reload ? reloads the configuration
  • /tep choicedefault [B|TL|TM] ? You use B for bukkit, TL for tekkit litle and TM for tekkit main servers. This will enable the plugin and write its default configuration file.
  • /tep checkforcedchunks ? gives you an output of the currently loaded chunks and their chunkloaders
  • /tep unloadforcedchunks ? Replaces all the chunkloaders with a chest containing the chunkloader

Configuration file

configname: Tekkit Litle
#adds recipe for factorization consumer
Add_forgoten_recipe: false
#Place here id's for chunkloading blocks
Chunksloaders: 153,2048,4077
  #enable blocking blocks been placed by mods like computercraft and redpower2?
  enabled: true
  #list of blocks been blocking (no sub id support here)
  blocks: 48,56,16,15,21,73,49,14
  #block experience points from smelting blocks?
  enabled: true
  #blocks that do smelting (subid's are allowed here)
  blocks: 188,250,2050:8,61
  #max exp that is allowed to get from these blocks (0 is recomend)
  maxexp: 0
  #block blocks being used by more than 2 players?
  enabled: true
  #blocklist (subid's are allowed)
  blocks: '751:3'
  #Enable worldguard protection
  enabled: true
  #defines wrench ID's
  wrenches: 21257,30140,30183,4062,4370
  #Define Non-wrench ID's. In fact wrenches and tools are the same only the have a diffrent message ;).
  tools: 30119,30124,5582,5587,20257,20259,27003,27002,19297
  #Define tools that are dangerous and never should be used in a region
  alwaysblockedtools: 19263,4363,4364,19261,30208,30215,30131
  #Define blocks that are dangerous and never should be used in a region
  alwaysblockedblocks: 237,46
  #define blocks that acts like chests and machines
  Containerblocks: 192,901,250,246,188,277,2491,207,900,181,251,3120,3131,227,751,233,2050,183,2002,30208,3893,223
  #Defines trading blocks that are allowed to use in every region (same as enderchest)
  UseBlocks: '255'

Credits: Thomas15v