PvE Maps

Shock Arena is a PvE map created by Arro3. This a singleplayer/multiplayer map where you fight 50 waves of increasingly difficult monsters, using thei
Updated: March 20, 2020
Chunk Defense is a PvE map created by SnakeMasterEpic. In this map, you are given a small plot of land surrounded by bedrock, and you have to make the
Updated: February 20, 2020
4-Arena Kit PvE is a PvE map created by lott007. Dive in right away t play in 4 different arenas as you battle many different kinds of mobs, featuring
Updated: December 10, 2019
Ultimate Evoker Boss is a PvE map created by PatrickWill. May I present Minecraft players who have always longed for so-called real challenges, or who
Updated: December 10, 2019
Protect The Wither is a PvE map that was created by Wither_King_. In this fun minigame, your goal is to protect the wither for as long as you can from
Updated: December 10, 2019
In The Dark is a PvE map created by CatCreamYT. This is a simplistic PvP map based off of the strange effect of setting your gamma to a negative numbe
Updated: November 4, 2019
THE WORLD EVOLVING is a PvE map created by TheAfroOfDoom. The original creator is back with another recreation of Toby Fox’s outstanding work. T
Updated: August 25, 2019
The True Heroine (Undertale) is a PvE map created by leo7668. If you are to dive into this map, just one warning: The map is NOT EASY. The creator spe
Updated: August 16, 2019
Fight The Zombies: Endgame is a PvE map created by WongchungKi. This map belongs to one of the most exciting genres out there, “Player VS Zombie
Updated: August 12, 2019
Mob Battle Arena is a PvE map created by Tijd4Jan and SuperJanNL. This is a PvE map where you, as the main character, get to fight creepers with kits
Updated: August 12, 2019