Minecraft API

MTLib has been known as a library mod that is used by Crafttweaker addons. Working as a supportive mod, MTLib will provide some helpful methods and cl
Updated: March 28, 2017
CTD Core is known as a small library mod in Minecraft. It mainly focuses on adding methods and registerers for TheMasterGeneral’s mods. Hope that th
Updated: March 19, 2017
FTBLib Mod performs the function of giving players ability to edit many configs in game, multiple modes within the same pack and so on. This mod works
Compatible: 1.7.10
Updated: March 7, 2017
Kore Sample gives players a set of tools and base classes for different mods of which depend on it. Currently, those mods requiring include Ancient Tr
Updated: March 5, 2017
Bookshelf API Library 1.10.2/1.9.4. Useful functions for TeamCoS and TeamBR Mods. Requires: Minecraft Forge How to install: Download and install Minec
Compatible: 1.10.2, 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9, 1.8, 1.7.10
Updated: March 4, 2017
TheDragonLib is well known as a supportive mod for all TheDragonTeam’s Mods such as ArmorPlus Mod, Mob Settings Mod, UsefulRecipes Mod. It includes
Updated: March 2, 2017
Shadowfacts’ Forgelin Mod is a supporting mod that provides a Kotlin language adapter for Forge and bundles the Kotlin standard library, reflect lib
Compatible: 1.11.2, 1.11, 1.10.2
Updated: February 24, 2017
Dark Roleplay Core is a requirement for all Dark Roleplay Mods created by JTK222. It adds currently a RPG Styled Inventory and a unique Crafting Syste
Compatible: 1.11.2, 1.11, 1.10.2, 1.9.4, 1.9, 1.8.9
Updated: February 24, 2017
OMLib is functional mod that implements a library for OpenModularTurrets (OMT) and its companion mods. Through it, you are able to change owner comman
Updated: February 17, 2017
Hammer Core is a mod that focuses on providing a set of source codes for mod developing. These codes include Rendering API, Utility code, Sound API an
Updated: February 16, 2017