Taco Plugin 1.7.2

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What is Taco?

Taco is an amazing plugin that adds Taco’s to Minecraft! A Taco is basically a piece of bread renamed a to Taco. This plugin isn’t just a fun plugin to add Taco’s it can also act as a type of currency that you can eat!

How it works

Taco works with a command ‘/taco’ and when the player types the command they recieve 1 Taco. They can only use this command once every hour so it 1 Taco for 1 hour of time on the server basically.

How to set up a shop

To set up a shop with Taco you can basically make your own shop as you like. Create some private chests in you shop. Then when someone wants to buy something, you can trade Taco’s for what ever item. Such as 1 Taco for 64 Wood Planks.

Commands and Permissions

Commands Permissions Description
/taco none Get 1 Taco every hour
/taco taco.admin Get unlimetid Taco’s!

taco.admin is the permission for admins and owners on your server to use the /taco command as much as you want. You dont have to wait 1 hour.


Their are no required dependencies, but I recommend that you get the plugin StarterKit on your server. You can basically put Taco’s in your inventory and when a player joins for the first time the can get what you saved in your inventory with the /sk save command.

Known problems

  • None yet


Their are no new features planned yet. If you have an idea leave a comment below!

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Credits: TheAJ471