TabColor Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 869 views |


Do you need a Plugin that shows the Playernames in the Tablist in color? The Plugin “TabColor” Adds Color to your Player-Tablist. With the following Permissions you add Color to the Player Names in the TabList:


  • tc.darkgreen
  • tc.darkaqua
  • tcdarkred
  • tc.darkpurple
  • tc.lightgrey
  • tc.darkgrey
  • tc.lightblue
  • tc.lightgreen
  • tc.aqua
  • tc.lightred
  • tc.lightpurple
  • tc.yellow


You can change the OP Color with the point “OpColor” in the config.yml. You can also toggle the change-displayname to Enable/Disable the Displayname Color

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Credits: im4youplay