SwaziMedic Plugin 1.7.4

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 478 views |


Hey guys! Gian here, with my first public Bukkit plugin!

This plugin is just a simple “medic” plugin, that allows you to heal, and feed your players.

There are only 2 commands with this plugin, however, those come with a sub command that allows you to heal, or feed other players.


/heal ? Heal yourself

/heal <player> ? Heal another player

(swazimedic.heal) ? Default OP

/feed ? Feed yourself

/feed <player> ? Feed another player

(swazimedic.feed) ? Default OP


? The console cannot run any commands, as it’s not a player, and doesn’t need to be healed ? There are no bugs, however, if you do find one, please report it!

To Do:

? Add a configurable cooldown (done)

? Add a sub node for healing/feeding other players

? Add an almost kill, and almost starve plugin

? Pretty up this page!

I’ll be posting my other plugins too, stay tuned!

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Credits: GFGaming