Swapper Plugin 1.7.2

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Swapper minigame is an sumo like minigame where you need to fight with each other and hit other player down from island or platform.


  • Customizable player count per game!
  • Restores player stats/inventory after the game
  • Wither bar welcome!
  • Lobby point, end point, spawnpoint !
  • Countdown ( 10 sec).
  • Scoreboard


There is only one Permission to this minigame. Its:

  • sw.admin This permission allows to use all admin commands as shown below.


Admin commands:
  • /sw c ? Creates a arena.
  • /sw d <id> ? Deletes the arena with that id (you need to close an arena before you can delete it).
  • /sw r ? Reloads arenas.
  • /sw s <id> ? Sets spawnpoint to arena (where player are teleported whwn minigame starts).
  • /sw sl <id> ? Sets lobby point to arena. (Place where players are teleported when tey join minigame).
  • /sw send <id> ? Sets end point to arena (Place where players are teleported when minigame ends).
Player commands:
  • /sw j <arena id> ? Join arena.
  • /sw l <arena id> ? Leave a minigame.

Creating an Arena and Setting it Up.

Creating a Swapper arena isn’t hard.

To create arena just type /sw c , and it automaticly make arena in config. Now just build arena where minigame is played.I recommend to make island with wooden bridges. When arena is made go to location where you want your spawnPoint for arena to be and then type /sw s <arena id>. After that go to location where you want to minigame lobby to be. And type /sw sl <arena id>. After lobby point is set go to location where you want to end point be and type /sw send <arena id>.

Was it so hard?

NOTE: Under arena water ir required, becouse when player touches water he is removed from minigame! Set your lobby point in safezone or location where players can’t hurt each other. Or just set no-pvp region in lobby with World Guard.



    numPlayers: 2  // Set your max players per game! Countdown only starts when max players are join to minigame!
      world: world
      x: 801.4852753644632
      y: 15.0
      z: 493.40159887594194
      world: world
      x: 808.6999999880791
      y: 10.5625
      z: 502.30000001192093
      world: world
      x: 832.0459258383039
      y: 8.0
      z: 503.8318668348202

To Do:

  • Reward players after match.
  • Video
  • Join signs

If you have any recommendations leave a comment with it.




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Credits: krists23