SupplyDrop Plugin 1.7.2

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plugin requested by EvilDude221.


Ever wanted to place a block, and just have it spawn a bunch of random items? Well now you can!

Simply download this plugin, place it in your plugins folder, start up your server, and place a block! (block specified in config file)

Config File

num_items ? integer. the number of items that should be randomly selected.
items ? list of strings. The items that should be randomly selected to drop. in the format: itemName,numberOfThatItem

IMPORTANT: Do NOT put spaces on either side of the comma. If only put the item name, it will spawn in only 1 of that item. Items that are 2 words or more should have their names separated with underscores (“_”) rather than spaces.

Example Config:

block: beacon            #block placed to drop items
num_items: 5             #number of things chosen from the list

items:                   #items to select to drop. Format: item name,quantity
? stone,5
? egg,2
? emerald,17
? feather,52
? enchantment_table,3

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Credits: davidjm6