SuperSticks Plugin 1.6.4

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The Stick: It’s nothing special, just a plain old piece of wood. But what if there were functionality to that piece of wood? What that piece of wood could do things like launch fireballs, or summon lightning? With SuperSticks, that dream can become a reality. Using simple crafting recipes, you can create sticks that do almost anything imaginable! From snowball fights to total destruction, SuperSticks is guaranteed to make your server more enjoyable!


  • Cannon Stick ? Launches TNT in the direction you’re looking!
  • Flame Stick ? Launches fireballs!
  • Lightning Stick ? Summons Lightning!
  • Smelting Stick ? Smelts all of the ores in your inventory!
  • Snow Stick ? Launches snowballs!
  • Swap Stick ? Changes a block to a random different block!
  • Taming Stick ? Instantly tames and saddles a horse!
  • Teleport Stick ? Teleports a Player to where they’re looking!
  • Wool Stick ? Instantly makes a sheep regain its wool!

Other Features

  • Update Checker ? You’ll be notified when a new update is available!
  • Cooldowns ? Configurable cooldown times for each SuperStick!

Please let us know of any ideas that you have, we aren’t very creative.


  • supersticks.* ? Permission to use all of the SuperSticks.
  • supersticks.cannon ? Gives you permission to use the cannon SuperStick.
  • supersticks.flame ? Gives you permission to use the flame SuperStick.
  • supersticks.lightning ? Gives you permission to use the lightning SuperStick.
  • supersticks.smelting ? Gives you permission to use the smelting SuperStick.
  • supersticks.snow ? Gives you permission to use the snow SuperStick.
  • supersticks.swap ? Gives you permission to use the swap SuperStick.
  • supersticks.taming ? Gives you permission to use the taming SuperStick.
  • supersticks.teleport ? Gives you permission to use the teleport SuperStick.
  • supersticks.wool ? Gives you permission to use the wool SuperStick.
  • cooldowns.bypass ? Gives you permission to bypass the SuperStick cooldowns.

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Credits: DACPlugins, Arcaniist, KrazyTraynz, MrPuberty