SuperSmelter Plugin 1.6.4

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Smelt Ingots and other items more efficiently so you double your output!


SuperSmelter allows for up to three different smelters, below are the default recipes (2.1 will allow the recipes to be changed) to craft them, and their default use. All smelters can have their name’s and settings changed to whatever you want.

Production Furnace

Production Furnace

This burns fuel twice as fast, which isn’t good for most items, but in trade it doubles the output of stone, iron and gold Ingots.

Charcoal Oven

Charcoal Oven

This smelter burns fuel slower, making all fuel last twice as long, perfect for converting logs to charcoal, or general furnace use.

Power Furnace

Power Furnace

This smelter burns fuel at the normal speed, but doubles the output of iron and gold ingots.

Settings in the config.yml

The names of the smelters, displayed as the description of a smelter, under the name SuperSmelter.

  SMELTER1: Production Furnace
  SMELTER2: Charcoal Oven
  SMELTER3: Power Furnace

The amount of extra fuel burned (wood, coal, charcoal, etc.) is called the Fuel Multiplier, so if it is set to 2, then the item being used will burn twice as fast, meaning it only lasts half as long as normal. Set it to .5 and the fuel will burn at 1/2 the burn speed, this works well if you just want to create more efficient furnaces.


If you want the SuperSmelter to double your output of smelted items from your Smelt List then set the Output Double Setting to true.

  DOUBLE1: true
  DOUBLE2: false
  DOUBLE3: true

The items you want to be smelted are listed in the Smelt List, the defaults are IRON_INGOT, GOLD_INGOT, and STONE. Any item that can be cooked in a furnace will be cooked in a SuperSmelter but If you place an item that can be smelted in a SuperSmelter and it’s not in the Smelt List, it will not produce extra items even if the output double is set, but it will burn the fuel as set in the Fuel Multiplier. In the future this will work with other settings to restrict and control smelters even more than the current version.

Smelt2: LOG

Installing SuperSmelter

1) Add SuperSmelter to your plugins folder, start your server or /reload your plugins

2) Edit the config.yml file in the SuperSmelter Folder.

3) Reload or restart again for your changes to take effect.


    description: Craft Type I SuperSmelters
    default: false
    description: Place Type I SuperSmelters
    default: false
    description: Use Type I SuperSmelters
    default: false    
    description: Craft Type II SuperSmelters
    default: false
    description: Place Type II SuperSmelters
    default: false
    description: Use Type II SuperSmelters
    default: false    
    description: Craft Type III SuperSmelters
    default: false
    description: Place Type III SuperSmelters
    default: false
    description: Use Type III SuperSmelters
    default: false


No configuration is necessary but you may change all the settings listed above in the config.yml section.


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Credits: AxelDios