Super Fanta Bob World Map

Updated: May 26, 2015 | 682 views |

This is the end of Eventime’s event. You can have fun through all these buildings full of memories. Find Tocopec, Thorkan or the unbellivable Djamila in a magnificent map : Eldaria, the most famous Aurélien_Sama’s map.


Texture Pack: Eventime’s Texture Pack


World’s Map Screen:!hd9TXKqL!V8ApqFa_aD1qNoMFNQP3DgQGgjFNzMQLHEeNQjfNp2I!sN1mWB7C!RKvOF0crbDiaxcoi-DfbgyT2YKhldHIO1I_frcosKBo

Credits: Eventime