Super Enchantments Plugin 1.6.2

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This amazing plugin will allow you to add incredible new enchantments to your tools. We are currently working on the current enchantments: freeze, hpsteal, poison, lightning, and rapidfire. You can use /senchant <enchantment> to apply the specified enchantment to your currently held item. These new and unique enchantments will add new games and ideas to your server. If you have suggestions for new enchantments, you can message me or leave a ticket.


/senchant <enchantment> [level] ? Enchants your held item with the specified enchantment.


senchant.* ? Allows you to use all enchantments.
senchant.use ? Allows you to use /senchant.
senchant.poison ? Allows you to use /senchant poison.
senchant.hpsteal ? Allows you to use /senchant hpsteal.
senchant.freeze ? Allows you to use /senchant freeze.
senchant.lightning ? Allows you to use /senchant lightning.
senchant.blind ? Allows you to use /senchant blind.


price [W.I.P.]: ? Prices for different enchantments (XP or economy).


Poison ? Poisons your target.
HPSteal ? Gives you your opponent’s health.
Freeze ? Freezes your opponent in one place.
Lightning ? Strikes lightning on your targeted block after a cool-down.
Blind ? Blinds your opponent.

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Credits: Minecraft999server