StupiditySlapper Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 421 views |

Have you ever wanted to reach into your monitor, and slap someone? Well now you can do the next best thing! StupiditySlapper allows you to easily slap a user, and they will know it!

What happens when I slap someone?

They get hurt by half of a heart, and are sent a message(in red) that reads: “YOU HAVE BEEN SLAPPED FOR YOUR STUPIDITY!”

How To Use It:

/slap <username>


stupidityslapper.slap ? Allows the player to slap anyone. OP HAS PERMISSION BY DEFAULT

Note: This is the first plugin I have ever made for Bukkit, and I made it within 30 minutes without any prior knowledge. I am planning on adding more features, so please be patient.

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Credits: dccfoux