StoreCommands Plugin 1.7.2

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This Bukkit plugin was created with the objective that you (the server owner or staff) should be able to easily track your user’s commands. Most tracking plugins these days simply record each command into a single file and call it quits. No more!StoreCommands creates a file for each and every user that joins your server and records each of their commands into their respective file. No more clutter, just find [username]’s file and see all they’ve done.

This plugin is equipped with ultra-awesome commands that allow you to clear a player’s command-log via in-game command (as well as clearing all files via command.)

Commands and Permissions

Command Permission Description
/sc clear <player> storecommands.admin Clear [player]’s log file
/sc clearall storecommands.admin Clear all user log files

Other Permissions

Permission Description
storecommands.log Log this player or group

A look at configuration

Name Settings Description
run-every integer in minutes Run the logging queue every x minutes
(new) announce-creator true/false Announce me if I join? (OraBrush)
(new) announce-task true/false Announce when task runs/ends?

Note: I will be announced to the server upon join if you do not set “announce-creator” to false. This is just a way of getting recognized for works. Of course, I respect all rights to not want to show accreditation so please set the value to false if you do not wish for this feature to take affect.

How do I use it?

StoreCommands is very simple to use. Just drop the downloaded jar-file into your Bukkit plugins folder and give the respective permissions to each group you wish to be logged. Once you’ve done this, just start your server and StoreCommands will handle the rest.

Plugin Metrics

This plugin makes use of Plugin Metrics by Hidendra. No information that can physically identify you is collected. If you do not wish to participate in this program, you may disable the collection in Plugin Metrics configuration.

Source code?

Always! Check out GitHub:JakeA/StoreCommands. Feel free to fork the repository and send pull requests or make it your own. Just follow the license!

Edge builds?

Warning! Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

Disclaimer: The provided link will give you the absolute latest builds. Please note, the quality of most of these builds are simply “it compiles”. They are not tested or guaranteed to be safe or work. I recommend waiting for a Bukkit verified release here on this page.

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Credits: Jake6177