StickyBlocks Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 514 views |

This plugin makes blocks fall when placed! You should be already thinking, but then building is just? impossible!

But, by placing a block, and then placing a block on top, and breaking the one underneath, you will allow it to float!

This plugin is configurable and permission compatible.

ATTENTION! THE SAND DUPLICATION GLITCH WORKS WITH EVERY FALLING BLOCK YOU ADD WITH THIS PLUGIN! You might want to add another plugin to prevent this. | This statement may or may not be true, as it wasn’t tested, but better safe than sorry ?


  • stickyblocks.bypass ? If a player has this permission, the block won’t fall when placed.


To configure the blocks that will fall, you go to your plugins folder, and open up the StickyBlocks folder, then open up the config.yml file and start editing it. On the “blocks: ” line, put up the block ID’s in this format: “BLOCK_ID ? BLOCK_ID ? BLOCK_ID”, per example: “1 ? 9 ? 10 ? 6 ? 102 ? 201?



  • Plugin released, main features added.


  • Fixed bug with permission

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Credits: WarmakerT