Specified Break Plugin 1.6.4

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Specified Break ? A plugin that realizes minecraft!


What is specified break?

SP is a bukkit server plugin that will allow server admins to block the breaking of a certain block with a certain item. For example, making it so that logs can only be broken by axes. Or pickaxes can only mine stone. The possibilities are endless!

How to use?


  • Download latest version
  • Put into plugins folder
  • Reload/start server
  • Edit config to your needs

Making blocks be able to be broken by certain item(s)


  • Simply start up your server with the plugin and use the command /sp settool (block) (item) to set a tool. Block would be the block ID you want to edit, and the item is the ID of the item you want to be able to break the block with.
  • Do the same as above, but use /sp settoole while looking at a block and holding the item you want to allow to break that block.


The unedited config file looks like this:

  - '278'
  - '257'

Let me explain on how to edit/add blocks to configure. In this example, the 4 represents the block that is being broken(Cobblestone) and the two others numbers are the item ids of the item a person must hold to break that block. The config above blocks anyone from breaking cobblestone with anything other then a Diamond Pickaxe, or a Iron Pickaxe. You can add as many blocks in as you want, just make sure to list what item the player must hold to break them under the main block id. Customizing it to make cobblestone also be broken with a wooden pick would be done as so:

  - '278'
  - '257'
  - '270'

Simple huh? If a block IS NOT listed, it will allow the player to break that block with anything. Now lets add in to block the player from breaking dirt unless they have any kind of shovel.

  - '278'
  - '257'
  - '270'
  - '256'
  - '269'
  - '273'
  - '277'
  - '284'

Easy as pie. Good luck and have fun!


  • Block certain tools from breaking certain things
  • Enable creative mode bypass
  • Option for enabling/disabling cannot break message
  • Easily remove/add tools with command
  • Suggest More!


  • /sp reload ? Reload the config file
  • /sp settool (block id) (item id) ? Add the item to that blocks breaking whitelist
  • /sp settoole ? Look at a block, holding the item you want to allow to break that block
  • /sp removetool (block id) (item id) ? Remove tool from being able to break that block


  • sp.reload
  • sp.settool
  • sp.settoole
  • sp.removetool


  • Add shortcuts like “allaxes” to easily allow all types of axes to a block. EX: /sp settool 4 allaxes
  • Requiring players to have a certain amount of EXP to mine a certain thing(toggle-able)

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Credits: HeyAwesomePeople