SpawnOnQuit Plugin 1.7.2

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I have made this plugin from an Bukkit Plugin Request and i would like to make it Public :

What it does

SpawnOnQuit is an plugin that when a player leaves the game the plugin will clear his inventory and sends him to spawn So if you have an Kit PvP Server this would probably good for that ? + for hub servers ? this will be good to

Sorry if you hate my language! :

How to use :

Well if when a players leaves it will clear his inventory and teleport him to spawn?. So he could start Fresh again when he joins!

Permissions :

spawnonquit.bypass will bypass the progress OP’s Will bypass the progress to!


None Yet?

OnJoin *NEW*

BatTakeOff -200 Sounds on join! Star particles on join!

Ideas are welcome!

If you have an idea for the plugin please say it in the comments below


SpawnOnQuit Plugin 1.7.2 Download Links

Credits: Norbu10