SkyWars Yupai Map for MCPE

SkyWars Yupai Map for MCPE for Minecraft MCPE 0.14

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SkyWars Yupai Map – With enchantments, potions and more! (Compatible with Minecraft PE 0.14.0)

In this new release, change the traditional map of SkyWars Yupai, for 0.13.0, I added many things, that will make your game something unique! With cuato rooms, we moved very little but surely you liked more! Whit 4 Maps of SkyWars!

  • Chests FULL!
  • Lag Free!
  • System signs for when they are all on their island, a wool break and start the game!
  • Spawn in every room! Each beds
  • Great design maps! (Say hello to Aldano each)
  • This new map SkyWars rooms contain good chests!

Items with multiple spells (Sharp, Power, Fire, feather fall and many more!)

  • Potions, of all types to help either: regeneration, jumping, speed, strength or harm (arojadizas potions) poison, instant damage, slowly, among others!
  • Table charms in all the centers of each of the rooms SkyWars as well as bottles of experience, and lapis lazuli!
  • Books enchantments! Of course, also Anvils!
  • Food with effect! Golden Apples, Golden Watermelons, carrots Oro





Download links for SkyWars Yupai Map

Download from server 1

Download from server 2

Author: Yupai