SimpleServerKits Plugin 1.7.2

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This is a new plugin I am introducing, a plugin that has been private on my server for a while now. Works great, very light-weight and non-resource-intensive. This plugin has very simple permissions, and extremely easy to set up! This plugin is great for donations! People want better classes? Then tell them to buy a rank or buy the class!

Classes (as of now)

  • Leather (Leather armor, iron sword, bow, 64 arrows, 16 bread)
  • Iron (Iron armor, iron sword, bow, 64 arrows, 16 bread)
  • Gold (Gold armor, iron sword, bow, 64 arrows, 16 bread)
  • Diamond (diamond armor, iron sword, bow, 64 arrows, 16 bread)

How to set up

The set up for this plugin is very simple:

  1. Download plugin
  2. Place plugin into XX/plugins
  3. Reload server / Restart server
  4. Create a sign for each class in the format below: [KitPvP] (name of class) ? all possible classes are listed above!


  • ssk.admin.createsign
  • ssk.kit.leather
  • ssk.kit.iron
  • ssk.kit.diamond

Extra Info

To select a class, you must be:

  1. In Gamemode 0
  2. Right-Click the sign

When a user selects a class it will wipe their inventory and put the items corresponding to their class into the players inventory! The armor will automatically be placed on the player!


  • Make classes have the ability to be customized through config

Submitting tickets

  • When submitting a ticket please follow the template.
  • Please do not create tickets offtopic and/or irrelevant to the plugin.
  • DO create a ticket to request certain features be added/removed.
  • DO create a ticket to report an error/bug/glitch!

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Credits: HiddenAether, MayoDwarf