SimplePots Plugin 1.7.2

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What is SimplePots? This is a plugin that helps your donators get a bit of an advantage over other players. When you type a potion’s name, for example, /strength, you will receive a strength buff for one minute. This plugin will really help your server donators have a fun advantage over others. Also, every potion in the game is available in this plugin, yes, even Water Breathing is included! What if you don’t want your players to have every single potion in-game? Well, that is why I have setup a special permission for each potion effect!

!!!REMEMBER!!!! use /SpHelp for a list of helpful commands in-game!

Cool features of this plugin

  • Permissions for each potion to prevent op-ness!
    • Also each potion has a cooldown to prevent unlimited uses!
  • Server Administrators can mess around with this plugin and have lots of fun!
  • Custom in-game help page!
    • And information + Aliases page(s)!
  • Aliases for commands that are too long or just to make it easier to type: /NightVision -> /NV


These are all self-explanitory so I will not explain what each of these permissions do

  • SimplePots.speed
  • SimplePots.slowness
  • SimplePots.haste
  • SimplePots.strength
  • SimplePots.jump
  • SimplePots.nausea
  • SimplePots.regeneration
  • SimplePots.resistance
  • SimplePots.fireresistance
  • SimplePots.waterbreathing
  • SimplePots.invisibility
  • SimplePots.blindness
  • SimplePots.nightvision
  • SimplePots.hunger
  • SimplePots.weakness
  • SimplePots.poison
  • SimplePots.wither
  • SimplePots.absorption
  • SimplePots.damage
  • SimplePots.Aliases
  • SimplePots.Info
  • SimplePots.Help

Please keep in mind that this is my very first plugin, if you have any questions, I am open to critical criticism or suggestions to make this plugin better, thank you!

One last thing, special thanks to @PogoStick29 ! Thanks to him this plugin was possible!

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Credits: MonkeySwagg