SimpleHeal Plugin 1.7.2

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SimpleHeal 2.0 ? A Minecraft Plugin

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vs. 2.1.1 [Needs approval]

  • ? running on mc-version 1.7.2-beta build (maybe also on older versions)

vs. 2.1

  • ? running on mc-version 1.6.4-recommended build (maybe also on older versions)
  • ? added new config-settings:
  • ? choose if you can kill yourself with /sh kill <player>
  • ? set the default amount of health which is given when performing /sh
  • ? set the default amount of food which is given when performing /sh
  • ? [FIXED] /shinfo -command not working

vs. 2.0

  • ? running on mc-version 1.6.4 (maybe also on older version)
  • ? added config where (until now) messages can be configurated
  • ? commands have many new features (listed below); basics (sh,sharmor,shinfo) didn’t change:
  • ? many new/more permissions(listed below)
  • ? plugin description and image are new. description for older versions are now on an extra-page
  • ? no more command usage-spam
  • ? no more bugs now:
  • ? [FIXED] error if player is not online
  • ? [FIXED] error if console wants to perform a command
  • ? [FIXED] too much/few arguments error (now returning false and sending message)

Changelog from release up to 2.0

vs.1.2 ? 1.3.2

  • ? minecraft-version updates


  • ? added permissions
  • ? fixed chat-bug
  • ? added new comments
  • ? added armor function
  • ? heal yourself + other players
  • ? give yourself + other players armor
  • ? made it compitable with other plugins


  • -improved performance


  • -fixed eclipse error


  • -Released

Download and installation

1) Download the Plugin (“Download” on the right side)
2) Drag and drop it in your “plugins”-folder
3) Restart (reload) your server
4) Use the plugin or configurate the new config

Commands and permissions (vs. 2.1.1)

A list of Commands and Permissions:

  • /sh ? heal yourself
    permission: simpleheal.heal
  • /sh <name> ? heal other players
    permission: simpleheal.heal.others
  • /sh sethealth <amount> ? set the health of yourself to a specifc amount (20 = full)
    permission: simpleheal.sethealth
  • /sh sethealth <amount> <player> ? set the health of another player to a specific amount (20 = full)
    permission: simpleheal.sethealth.others
  • /sh kill <player> ? kill any player
    permission: simpleheal.kill
  • /sh reload ? reloads the plugin and the config
    permission: simpleheal.reload
  • /sharmor <armor-type> ? get any armor; types: leather, gold, iron, chainmail, diamond
    permission: simpleheal.armors
  • /sharmor <armor-type> <player> ? give any other player any armor; same types.
    permission: simpleheal.armors.others
  • /shinfo ? get informations + version about the plugin

For <armor-type> choose one of these: diamond, gold, iron, leather, chainmail


    arguments: Too much arguments!
    permission: You don't have this Permission!
    heal: You have been healed!
    armor-diamond: You got a full diamond armor!
    armor-leather: You got a full leather armor!
    armor-gold: You got a full gold armor!
    armor-iron: You got a full iron armor!
    armor-chainmail: You got a full chainmail armor!
    kill-yourself: 'false'
    default-heal-amount: '20'
    default-food-amount: '20'

arguments and permission default color is red
heal and armor default color is green

If you have any problems post a comment.


  • add config:
  • option to set the amount of life which is given
  • option to heal another player (or yourself) every now and then automatically
  • option to choose different armors
  • configuration messages
  • revise the description + the official picture
  • make a kill command
  • make a command to heal somebody with a specific amount of life
  • remove the “command-usage” spam
  • adding plugin-reload command
  • fixing many bugs, caused for example by players offline

Please leave a comment if you like this Plugin or if you have further ideas for adding some new features!

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Credits: B2key1