SimpleGUI Creator Plugin 1.7.4

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Custom GUIs for Minecraft!

Documentation Updates Completed on 12/16/2013

Have you wanted to create beautiful in-game GUIs but have been stuck because the plugins out there require Spout or do not fit your needs. Well, Simple GUI Creator is what you are probably looking for.

Simple GUI Creator offers server admins unlimited uses for an in-game GUI without the need of a client side mod.It does this by utilizing the inventory.

You can create a GUI for your staff where they click an item in the GUI and it runs a command, like reloading the server, changing the time and so much more.

You can make a Teleport GUI for your players to have them easily getting around without them having to learn all the warp names.

The possibilities are endless

Command Permission Node Description Default
gui gui.use Ability to use the /gui command true
guireload gui.reload Reload the config.yml op
gui [gui_name] So that you can restrict access to certain GUIs specified in gui config

Currently Supports

  • Supports up to 64 slots in the GUI
  • Items can have Lore and a custom name
  • When you click on an item you run a command, open another GUI, send a player to a server, etc. If you can think of it then its probably already there
  • Per-GUI permissions


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Credits: Goblom