Simple Block Changer Plugin 1.7.2

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When enabled, SimpleBlockChanger will change the block that you hit into air. This works in survival and creative mode, but it will break the block quicker than creative mode. Currently you will only replace the block you hit with air. I plan to add more features to the plugin very soon.

 What can this plugin actually be used for?

There are two main reasons for using this plugin. One is to clear land quicker than creative mode. You can hold down your break mouse button then run along blocks and they all will break instantly. The second reason for using this plugin (Coming Soon) is to replace blocks quicker than breaking and placing a new one. This could be particually useful for changing dirt into grass or if you’re making an underground house you could change the dirt walls into wooden walls without having to mine all that not needed dirt.

How to install

Download the SimpleBlockChanger.Jar file then put it in your plugins folder. Restart your server and SimpleBlockChanger will be installed.


SimpleBlockChanger.change ? gives access to /sbc command.


/blockchanger ? Enables / Disabled BlockChanger

 Planned Updates

The ability to toggle SimpleBlockChanger for another player. Add more blocks to SimpleBlockChanger. Add the command /sbc <BlockType>. To be able to select what block you will replace with.

 Got an error?

If you find any bugs or get any errors please leave a ticket so I can fix this plugin.

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Credits: rangewonk