Seven Seas Survival Map

Updated: May 26, 2015 | 581 views |

This is a survival island made by blane.lamb, with the help of eyeballpizza who made the ship which is pretty amazing.

Your job is to find survivors and the most important objective is to survive. Find hidden treasure, do tasks on the to-do list, Also find the hidden chests around the map and find the secret room located in the underwater ravine.

If you anyone uses this in a youtube video, they have to send me a pm on youtube @hopen40



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  • Survivors are easier to find
  • Added new island, links in with a task
  • Secret room is alot harder to find and alot harder to break in to
  • More chests around the island and in caves!U9UV1RTJ!X4ohAwZ2sPp0bS4jVh2sED8ZDskvvZ0GRafQuU8CuMc

Credits: Blane Hammond-Lamb (Email: [email protected])