ServerPinger Plugin 1.6.4

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As most of us are Server Owners, we all know the hassel of people Advertising Servers. With this Plugin, it can be used to query the advertised server to see if it’s real, or fake. Or even to check the online status of your other servers. There’s not much too it, so let’s get on with it!


  • /pingserver [Aliases: /ps, /sp]: Pings the specified server. ex: /sp would return the servers currently online players / max players, the MOTD, and Server Version. You can also Specify custom ports. ex: /sp would ping the server that’s currently running on port 11111.


  • ping.server: Allows the usage of the Command.

Screen shots

From in-game:

In-game command.

From the Console:

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Credits: MersenneTwizter