Server Administration Manager Plugin 1.6.4

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  • I will make an break at coding because I make some plugins for my Server! Merry Christmas to all of you!
  • I will read the error if there are some!
  • Thank you for 550 Downloads guys!!!


ServerManger is an Plugin that add many futures you can find at shotbow or hive or other famous servers! It is also an simpler plugin then Essantails!


  • Own Join and Leave Messages
  • Own Reload message
  • Own UnknownCommand message
  • (soon!) Teleportcompass if you get if you spawn
  • Warp and home system
  • (soon!) A book that you get if you spawn
  • An ChatCleaner
  • A list of all Colorcodes and effect IDs
  • Other usefull Commands (look at Commands)
  • Playerheads like in the PlayerHeads plugin (NOT COPPIED!!!)
  • And more in work!


At the stand of 4.1 BETA!
/command ? Command
[*] ? needed Argument
<*> ? possible Argument

Command Description Permission Aliases
/sm Shows the status of ServerManager none none
/sm help Shows the Helppage none none
/sm colors <2> Shows all colorcods! none
/sm effects <2,3> Shows all effect IDs! none
/sm formats Shows all formating Codes none
/sm settel HoF Set the Point of the Hall of Fame none
/sethub Set the hub (spawn) sm.set.hub none
/hub Teleport you to the hub (spawn) WORKS ONLY ON ONE SERVER! sm.hub none
/cc Cleans you Chat if you had an spammer! /CC, /ChatClear
/clearinv <Playername> Clear your own or the Inventory of other Player! sm.clearInv /invclear, /clearinventory, /inventoryclear
/time [day/night] Set your world time to day or night none
/head [Playername] Get an head of an player to place anywhere! sm.head none
/warp [warpname] Warp you to the Warppoint none
/warp set [warpname] Set an Warppoint sm.warp.set none
/warp remove [warpname] Remove the Warppoint! sm.warp.remove none
/warp list List all warps sm.warp.list none
/home [homename] Teleport to your home! none
/home set [homename] Set your home sm.home.set none
/home remove [homename] Remove your home sm.home.remove none
/home list List your homes sm.home.list none
/ban [Playername] <reson> Ban an player for an reason sm.ban none
/unban [Playername] Unban an Player sm.unban /pardon
/fly Make you fly in SurvivalModus none
/gamemode [0 / 1 / 2] [Playername] Set the Gamemode of an other Player sm.gamemode /gm
/gms Set your own Gamemode to Survival sm.gamemode.own /0
/gmc Set your own Gamemode to Creativ sm.gamemode.own /1
/gma Set your own Gamemode to Adventure sm.gemode.own /2
/firework Shot an random firework into the air sm.shootfw /fw, /firew, /fwork, /shootf
/god Make you an god and make you immortalt sm.god none
/bigtree [redwood/tree/jungle] Spawn a bigtree sm.bigtree none
/heal <playername> Heal your self or an other Player sm.heal none
/feed <playername> Feed your self or an other Player sm.feed none
/broadcast Broadcast an message to all Player (max 6 words) sm.broadcast none
/burn [playername] [time] Burn an Player sm.burn none
/hat Make the item in your hand an head sm.hat none
/spawnbook [save / give / spawn] Save, give or spawn the startbook none
/book [save / spawn] [name] Save or spawn an book sm.books none
/fireball <small / arrow / skull / egg / snowball / expbottle / large> Shoot an fireball sm.fireball none
/getpos <player> Get your location or the one of an other Player sm.getpos.own or sm.getposother none
/invsee [Player] Open the Inventory of an other Player sm.invsee none
/give [Player] [ItemID] <Ammount> Give an Player an Item sm.give none
/item [ItemID] <Ammount> Give yourself an Item sm.item /i
/kick [Player] <Reason> Kick an Player for an reason sm.kick none
/tp [Player] <Player> Teleport you to an Player or an other Player to an other Player none
/tpall Teleport all Player to you sm.tpall none
/tphere [Player] Teleport an Player to you sm.tphere none
/nick [Nickname / off] Give you an nickname or deactivate him sm.nick none

More in progress!


This will be avaiable when I do my last steps on coding of this plugin!


  1. Paste the ServerManager [English].jar in the plugins folder of your server
  2. Restart you server
  3. Configurate the plugin
  4. Reload the Server
  5. Done! Have fun!


About 60% of the plugin is finished!


  • Finish the Teleportkompass
  • Make an Guest Inventory
  • More usefull Essentailscommands
  • An broadcaster
  • Bad word filter
  • IP and Website filter
  • Cooldowns for some commands (/heal, /feed aso.)
  • Votehelp (/vote)
  • Webpresentation of your server (/web)
  • And some more things!
  • If you have any idea, just write an command!

Have fun with my plugin! Please send me an PM if you have an error!

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

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Credits: Mineraftair, metmad22