Saw Plugin 1.7.2

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Saw is an adventure game manager for your server, designed around the popular movie maze “Saw”. The plugin allows you to set a starting and ending point to your maze, adventure, whatever. When a player starts the game, they will be automatically teleported to the start point to begin the game. The user is shown their remaining time, lives & checkpoints throughout the game. If the user crosses your defined “win point” they are automatically awarded a prize into their inventory. Saw only permits one player to play the game at a time, while placing others who wish to play in a waiting queue. After one player finishes, the next automatically starts the game. Saw takes the hassle out of having to be online to send users to the game, and ensuring they complete the game without cheating.



  • Manages game, with a start point & win point. The user is automatically sent to the start point at the beginning of the game, and will win and be teleported out if they reach the end point
  • Deaths are limited to the number you set, which is by default 3, and will automatically teleport the user to their last checkpoint upon death. If the user has not set a checkpoint and dies, they will be sent back to the start point of the game. If a user uses all of their lives, they are automatically teleported out of the game, informed that they loss, and the next game begins.
  • Checkpoints can be set by command, or via sign, and allow a user to go back to a checkpoint in the event they get stuck or die. Checkpoints are limited, and are by default three. The number of checkpoints displayed on the user’s scoreboard is not how many are permitted to be set, but rather how many times they are allowed to be teleported back to these checkpoints. Returning back to a checkpoint automatically after death, or by command will both count against their checkpoint allowance.
  • Since game is usually in high demand, users who wish to play the game while a game is already in session are placed into a waiting queue. A scoreboard appears on their screens with how many people are waiting to play.


  • Ability to prevent block breaking during the game
  • Ban / Unban players from playing. This is great if people constantly abuse the game
  • Command protection that disabled all commands other than Saw’s to prevent cheating
  • Coming Soon Teleportation protection. Prevent players from cheating by teleportation

Admin Features

  • Users with admin permissions can end the current game, which essentially kicks the person currently playing from Saw. The next game will automatically start as usual
  • Commands to get current game information & stats, as well as plugin maintenance like reloading config & etc.


  • Saw requires a database to store it’s information. By default, it stores it’s data to a local file but also supports full MySQL connection. Saw will not start up if there are database connection errors



  • /saw play ? If there is no current game going on, player is automatically sent into game & it begins. If there is a current game, they are added to the wait queue
  • /saw checkpoint ? Sends user back to their last checkpoint. If none is set, and error message is returned.
  • /saw cp ? sets current location has checkpoint. It is recommended that you limit this command to just signs rather than having users manually do it. (see planned features for checkpoint updates)
  • /saw quit ? If user is currently playing saw, this command will end their game



  • /sawadmin ? Show’s current version
  • /sawadmin end ? Ends the current game. If there are users waiting, the next person in the queue will automatically start
  • /sawadmin clear ? Clears the waiting queue, but will not end current game
  • /sawadmin reload ? Reloads the plugin, restoring default values & config information. (See “Things To Know”)
  • /sawadmin setup ? Takes you through setup process of setting key game points (required before gameplay)
  • /sawadmin update ? Shows you if there is an available update
  • /sawadmin current ? Shows current game stats
  • /sawadmin wait ? Shows list of players waiting to play Saw
  • /sawadmin settings ? Shows current Saw game settings


  • /sawadmin set time [#] ? Time of the game in minutes
  • /sawadmin set lives [#] ? Number of lives a player has before being kicked from the game
  • /sawadmin set checkpoints [#] ? Number of times player is allowed to teleport back to their set checkpoints
  • /sawadmin set diamonds [#] ? Number of diamonds to be awarded if they reach the win point
  • /sawadmin set startpoint ? Sets the block you’re currently standing on as the game starting point
  • /sawadmin set winpoint ? Sets the block you’re currently standing on as end/win point
  • /sawadmin set returnpoint ? Sets the block you’re currently standing on as the return point, where players are sent after the game


  • /sawadmin ban [player name] ? Bans player from playing Saw
  • /sawadmin unban [player name] ? Unbans players from playing Saw



  • saw.user ? Permission for Saw game commands (/saw play, quit, checkpoints, cp?etc)


  • saw.* ? Gives all command access (Default: OP)
  • saw.admin ? Gives admin command access (Default: OP)


  • Before anyone can play Saw, there are points that are required to be set. The game’s starting point, winning point & ending point all must be set. These points can be changed at anytime, even during game play without interruption of ongoing game.

Required Setup

  • Saw will walk you through the required setup steps. Simply type /sawadmin setup

Required Setup Commands

  • /sawadmin set startpoint
  • /sawadmin set winpoint
  • /sawadmin set returnpoint

Additional Setup

  • Game values such as time, lives, diamonds & checkpoints all have been set to their default values. You can change these anytime (see )

Things To Know

  • Saw implements a battery of security features in order to ensure game fairness
  • Saw be default stores it’s data in a built in SQLite database. It does, however, have the option to store it directly in your MySQL database
  • Since Saw is in it’s early stages, Saw will notify you for each new update. This is to ensure you have the latest features and bug updates.

In Action

  • To come play around with Saw to get a feel for the user experience, join

Upcoming Features

Coming In 1.2

  • You can now see names of players who are in the wait queue
  • Message improvements to be less confusing

Coming In 1.3

  • Potion effect fixes
  • Ability to ban / unban players from playing the game

Coming Soon

  • Automatic checkpoints. When a user walks over a block, it automatically sets that block as their last checkpoint
  • Recommended Saw maps. In the mean time, I invite you to join my server to play and experience Saw for yourself!
  • Teleport protection (currently only command teleport protection is in place)
  • Game setting to allow teams of people to play game, rather than just one at a time
  • High score signs
  • Configurable potions on game start
  • Multiple arenas or waiting areas
  • Teams
  • Scoreboard second countdown when under a minute

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Credits: austinpilz, Livid_C0ffee