SafeBank Plugin 1.7.2

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The Safe Bank

The Safe Bank is a plugin that offers an easy way to save the player’s items , let the server admin check them ? and choose who can aquire a Safe Bank!

For now u must use a permission plugin, you can give your players the following permissions:

safebank.commands ? Allows the player to use /bank & /bank <Player>

safebank.put ? Allows the player to put a safebank sign

safebank.use ? Allows you to have your own Safe Bank and use it.

How To Use

Only server operators can create a Safe Bank sign,

you simply need to write in the second line of a sign “SafeBank” and it will automatically become a Safe Bank sign.

Or you can put a citizen with the name you choose in the config (Default : “Bank”) and by right click the npc you can open the safebank.


Known Bugs

Please let me know if u find any bugs.



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ChangeLog :

  • Plugin Realse v1.0
  • V1.1 ? How to use has been changed
  • V2.0 ? Support Vault, Support Citizens, Added config file.

SafeBank Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link

Credits: noamro