rSponge Plugin 1.7.2

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What is rSponge?

rSponge is a mechanical plugin to make a use for sponge, in survival Minecraft and Minigames such as CTF.

What are the Features of rSponge?

When a player runs over a sponge block they get pelted in the direction they were running in. If there is a sponge below a sponge then they get pelted straight up into the air.

Can I Request for more Features?

Sure, just post them in the comments.
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  • When you run over sponge you get pelted in that direction.
  • If you put a sponge under a sponge then you get launched in the air.
  • Permission Node: rSponge.use added.


  • Fixed a bug where two sponges on top of each other would not make a difference.
  • /rsponge use is added to toggle whether you want the sponge feature enabled.
  • /rsponge use now has a permission: rSponge.UseToggle
  • Now works with 1.5.2!


  • Now damage is not taken when you fall from the jump.
  • /rsponge sound is added to toggle whether you want the sound feature enabled.
  • Now works with 1.7.2


  • Finally Added Config:
  1. Two Sponge Height:
  2. One Sponge Height:
  3. Straight Distance:
  4. Diagonal Distance
  • Includes ratio from Straight to Diagonal (1:0.65)

Features To Add:

  • None.

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Credits: RishkDev