RP Extension Plugin 1.7.2

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What are RP Extensions?

RP Extensions is a simple plugin dedicated to adding simple, but needed, Role Playing elements to any bukkit server. This plugin is specially designed for an RP server that needed the extra layer of realism.

What’s in RP Extensions?

Currently, RP Extensions is in it’s development stage. This means that all the features aren’t yet added.

However, the ones currently in operation are:

  • Fully configurable for selecting the features you wish to have active
  • A Gold Nugget based money storage system for those physical economy servers complete with ATM machines!
  • A thirst system so your users can finally have a use for those water bottles (along with a /quench command for admin use)
  • A basic chair system! Use a block of your choice as a chair!
  • Permissions enabled! Use with a permission plugin of your choice!

Other features that are planned are:

  • ATMs and Banks so the gold nugget storage system makes more sense than just “store anywhere”
  • Tiredness! Allow your users to get tired and need rest!
  • Job so your users have something to do (these will not change display names, so no need to worry about prefixes)
  • Anything that you suggest that we like! (Seriously? We need ideas).

Commands and Permissions


  • rpext.* : All permission for everything (op only by default)
  • rpext.read : allow use of /stats. Everyone by default.
  • rpext.gstore : allow users to store gold. Only by permission.
  • rpext.gtake : allow users to take gold. Only by permission.
  • rpext.quench : allow users to quench their own thirst. Only by permission.
  • rpext.createatm : allow users to create atm machines at will. Create a sign with [rpAtm] as the first line to create a machine.


  • /stats: Displays user stats
  • /gstore [amount] : stores a specified amount of gold nuggets at an ATM.
  • /gtake [amount] : takes a specified amount of gold nuggets at an ATM.
  • /quench : quenches the thirst of the command sender.

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Credits: sethhope