RLoot Plugin 1.7.4

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What is RLoot?

RLoot is a brand new looting system for Minecraft. Based on several big name RPGs such as TES and the Fallout series, its aim is to add a different, fresher system of death looting to the game. Items will no longer just drop on a mob’s/player’s death, but a lootsack will drop instead. This lootsack will contain all items that would have otherwise dropped, along with several inventory management functions. (Take all, delete lootsack, etc?) To open the lootsack, just crouch next to it.


  • Customisable lootsack type ? Set any item by id as the lootsack type.
  • Configuration ? Decide if mobs/players/both should drop lootsacks on death.
  • Item management functions ? A custom GUI for managing the lootsack’s contents.

Upcoming Features

  • More inventory management options.
  • Particle system for better visibility of lootsacks.
  • Configurable permissions, decide who can drop or open lootsacks.
  • Economy integration.
  • More configuration options.
  • Only certain mobs drop lootsacks.
  • WorldGuard integration.
  • Lootsack blacklist ? which items should drop normally without being inside a lootsack.
  • Lootsack min/max size ? a lootsack will only drop with a certain number of items in the inventory.

Known bugs

None yet.


Download the latest version of RLoot, uncompress it, and drag and drop the RLoot.jar and the RLoot folder to your plugins folder.

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Credits: Mariohgcz